The LaPortes of Manitoba and their Roots in Quebec and France

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Ben LaPorte of Inwood, MB

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When Ernie and Leah were expecting their first child, Leah went to stay at her parent's house in Wild Rice, ND.  At that time with the lack of rural medical facilities and the cost of city hospitals it was common for an expectant mother to be aided by her mother and the local midwife.  The baby was baptized Joseph Ulphie LaPorte at Wild Rice.  Joseph for Ernie's grandfather who had died in 1894 and Ulphie for Leah's father.  When Leah returned to Inwood with the weeks old baby Ernie was unhappy about the choice of names and insisted on calling him Benoit (prononounced Ben-O) which as a young boy became shortened by his friends as Ben.  Many years later when he needed to apply for a Canadian passport he was unable to obtain a birth certificate from the Wild Rice parish office for 'Ben LaPorte' the only name he had ever known but was advised that his name was actually Joseph Ulphie LaPorte.  He was able to get his birth certificate under that name, changed his name as a Canadian citizen and was able to get his passport.  He also obtained a rubber stamp for the name J. U. LaPorte, LaPorte's Garage, Inwood, MB to use in his business but he was still called Ben for the rest of his life.
Ben grew up in Inwood with his three sisters although
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