The LaPortes of Manitoba and their Roots in Quebec and France

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The LaPortes of Quebec's Origin in France   
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Ernest (Ernie) LaPorte

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Ernie's appointment as a Provincial Police Constable in 1909
That would have made him the senior constable over the Woodlands Municipal Constables for this area Eric E. Thuland, C. Overton and J. Currie.
Ernie in about 1910.  Leah Cossette when still living in Fargo, ND about 1906.  Their marriage portrait in 1913.
Leah Cossette LaPorte
Several photos of Grandma at home in the 1930's/40's and one of the last photos of her taken during her stay at the hospice in St Boniface in 1957.
Their First House and First Car
In 1910 Ernie built his new house at the SW corner of his property in anticipation of the railroad coming through in 1911.  The front section was newly built but the back shed part was his original homestead house from the NE corner of this same quarter section.  He had first tried to move it to the new location on a wagon but the ground was too soft so he pulled it across the field with a team of oxen (Caroline's story). 
In 1914 Ernie made a huge purchase, a 1912 Everitt.  It would have been quite the visible sign of his success.  The photo shows Ernie and Leah proudly showing off their new house and car.  An ad for the car notes that for $1500 that included all the 'extras' including the top and the windshield.  His license permitted him to drive a car but just that particular car and only within the province.
The same house as it is today, the first house just east of the Inwood Hall.  The blacksmith shop with a forge which Ernie built behind the house in 1911 is still there too.
The Fete de Dieu in July 1930
The Fete de Dieu was a Catholic festival held in July.  This one was in 1930 as you can see the new LaPortes Garage being built in the background.  Also, in the background can be seen the old LaPorte's Garage, Irwin’s Store and the train station on the right. In this picture, Dorothy Bennett, Flore Dugas, Hermina LaPorte (age 14 in 1930)  and Annette Verscheure, dressed as angels, are getting ready to walk in the parade.  Caroline LaPorte (age 9) walked in front of them, throwing flower petals in their path. 
In the second photo Ernie is judging the best calf in show.
The Hunter
Ernie was a great hunter and hunting guide for visitors from the city.  In his taped interview made by son Ben in 19?? Ernie talked about the large number of moose in this area when it was first settled which were hunted by the wagon loads to feed the settlers.  As the moose population declined they were replaced by Whitetail Deer which again provided the community with meat.  Ernie hunted both but was best known as a goose hunter ably assisted by a succession of trained hunting dogs in particular his favorite, Pat.
Ernie with Pat and hunting companions from Winnipeg in the 1920's: Frank MacCharles an actuary with Great West Life, Clair Scarth a lawyer with his dog Garry and John Wylie of the Manitoba Farm Loans Board.  Note: Caroline stated that Wylie was killed shortly after this photo was taken when he rolled his car (the accident actually occurred near Dauphin in July 1936).  The middle photos are from the 1930's (I'm working on the names of the people in this photo, any suggestions would be appreciated).  The last photo shows Ernie with pheasants and is dated 1945.

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