The LaPortes of Manitoba and their Roots in Quebec and France

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The LaPortes of Quebec's Origin in France   
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Ernie LaPorte's Story

In His Own Words

Recorded by Ben LaPorte

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The following interview with my grandfather Ernie LaPorte was recorded by my father Ben LaPorte around 1965.  The squeaks in the background were the well-remembered sound of Grandpa's rocking chair on his porch.  The occasional comments in the background were made by our Aunt Caroline.
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Track 1    Grandpa's early life up to homesteading at Inwood
Track 2    Their first houses and where they got their water
Track 3    When he worked as a surveyor
Track 4    Inwood's first school, post office, train and churches
Track 5    The first stores and some memories of horses
Track 6    The first hotel in town, the creamery and when Grandpa was a Provincial Police officer for the town
Track 7    Steam engines
Track 8    Some horse tales
Track 9    Dances
Track 10    The first cars in town
Track 11    Farm equipment and more on cars
Track 12    Stores - Blacksmith - Churches - wooden sidewalks
Track 13    Hunting and fishing
Track 14    A steamboat on Shoal Lake
Track 15    Lumber and Mr Mattson
Track 16    The jewish settlement at Bender Hamlet
Track 17    their Scandinavian neighbours shoes and woodcraft

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