The LaPortes of Manitoba and their Roots in Quebec and France

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The LaPortes of Quebec's Origin in France   
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Reporting People's Lives

When you begin the task of recording the lives of people from the distant past, you run the risk of portraying them to today's moral, ethical and religious standards.  I believe it is an unfair judgment on people if their actions cannot be taken in a historical perspective but it is difficult to keep reminding readers that this is the case, especially on a web site where a reader may pop in right in the middle of a story thanks to keyword search engines.

My intention in recording my ancestor's stories and those of the people around them is just that: to record all that I can learn about them.  It is not my intention to comment on the rightness of their actions, merely to research and record them.  The actions of our governments of the past do not reflect on our governments of today and our churches actions of the past do not reflect on their roles today.  We today are to be judged by our own actions and beliefs regardless of those of our ancestors.

If anyone is offended by some aspect of my portrayal of an ancestor or a past historical figure, please know that if there is a more balanced image which can be presented, I would be glad to once I'm supplied with the full story.


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